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Sephora Liner Bundle

December 31, 2013

As I was walking in Sephora a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this pink box that had a few liners, apparently the ones that sell the best at the store and me as an eyeliner lover of course bought it. It has six of them, some are smaller than the actual product, more like a sample of the original and some are the actual size.



There’s a liquid eyeliner from the Sephora brand, this one is black with glitter, in my case I like to use it on top of one that sets better because this one will fade quickly, but the glitter is a must have.


Next one is a black liquid one too, from Eyeko. This one REALLY stays and is very easy to put on, very manageable so you get it right.


Last one that is liquid is from Stilla and it’s my absolute favorite, I already owned it and didn’t knew that it was part of the box so when I found out I was ecstatic. This one has a really fine tip, it’s very easy to put on, almost no mistake and it last a lot, basically perfection!


There’s also the Stilla smudge stick, I use this more for a smokey look and sometimes apply the wing with a liquid one, one thing I really like about this one is that it’s waterproof and it doesn’t smudges too much that it looks messy.


There’s a Make Up For Ever waterproof crayon in black, I’m not such a fan because it’s very smudgy and it’s more like a dark grey, I like my liners deep black.


Lastly there’s this double “Glide-on line pencil” as it says and I’ve learned to love this. It has too sides, one is brown “Demolition” and the other one is black “Perversion”. They have a very good stay, I prefer to use them with an angled brush to create a smokey outline of the eye, more dramatic, this one is from Urban Decay.


It is a great buy, for $22-$25 that it cost me you get six great products and if you haven’t tried them before you get to do so and maybe find one you really love and then go get it.


Looks like these can be achieved with this kit. The look on the right is more of a smudge cateye, you can do this with one of the crayon ones and the one on the right can be easily done with one of the liquid ones.


These are basically my go to looks for everyday makeup and I kick it up a notch when going out. I hope this helps! 🙂