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Movie: About Time

January 3, 2014

We have all reached a time when we feel lost and frustrated, where from some reason we wish we could give up, go back or be passed that moment already and actually be able to move on.

Work can be bugging you, your family might be a little naggy, sometimes it’s friends or your partner. Either way there’s no other option but to be patient, look at the bigger picture and have perspective.

I’ve been through my fair share of situations. This past year alone I’ve dealt with some though family issues and had to made big decisions about work and what path to take for my life and the future I want. I’ve had some trouble with close friends and people that I love because of some of my decisions and the outcome of them, but at the end of it I made those choices, I took responsibility and took what came of it, even if some times it wasn’t easy to bear.

I also met some extraordinary people that have given me so much, specifically the kind I love… good times, great company, tons of laughter (from which I cried…constantly, but just of happiness) and wonderful memories. I’ve trusted, doubted, messed up, said the wrong things, cried, forgiven, trusted again, laughed, danced, cried some more, sing, danced a little more, but most importantly loved and enjoyed every bit of it.

Even though things might not be how I want them to be or might never be, there’s no point of regretting anything, because it was always my choice to do something or not to do it. There’s a lesson to be learned in every bit of what happens along our paths in this world and it should all be enjoyed and cherished, because every tiny thing is part of our growth and what makes us, well us.

Now to the point, I thought this movie was going to be another love story and I wasn’t actually in the mood for that kind of rubbing in the face at the time, but it surprised me. It turned out to be quite of an eye opener, even though I’m a very optimistic person, sometimes I have my low times and this movie reminded me why I am the way I am and to continue to, no matter what life throws at me. It’s mostly the love story of Tim and how he kept going back in time to get everything just right, because from the first time he met this girl he knew she was the one, but it didn’t mattered what he did he had to decide if he wanted to maintain his love life exactly as it went or fix everything else around him, so he learned that no matter what happened he had a partner an a relationship that he loved and with that person by his side he would be able to get through every bump that came in their way. Eventually he learned to appreciate every big and little detail of his unadulterated life, actually live it and enjoy it to it’s fullest.

Even though I’ve always tried to pleasure every second of my life, there are certain situations I would like to have the power to go back and just make things right because they mean a lot to me, but I think in reality there’s a way to make up for it. Be a good person and let people know you do care, tell them how you feel, apologise if you have to (being proud or egotistic is not a good quality), be a genuine person with good intentions, give your attention to them, little details matter… notes, text messages and little surprises. Eventually with your actions you’ll have the opportunity to make things right by demonstrating to that person you really cared.


Be optimistic, be positive, be good and kind-hearted. Laugh, smile, sing very very loud, dance and enjoy everything and everyone around you, because none of it and no one lasts forever, you never know when this moment might be gone… cherish it!