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The New BOB

January 13, 2014

The New Bob is here! Along the years and as it keeps happening, hairstyles keep changing and evolving. There are some trends that tend to stay around and change a little inside their same sustain, but remain original and classic… like the “Bob”.

Let’s get a little into history, the “Bob” is a haircut in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about the jaw-level, often with a fringe or “bangs” at the front. Women had usually wore their hair long, but the most fashionable ones started to adopt short hair in the early 1890’s, but it was popularized by film stars in the 1920’s, up until then it was not considered respectable.


Because of the variations this can be known by many ways, but the most commonly known is the “Short-Bob”. This is the one we’ve seen the most and probably continue to see. Parting from this a new trend has arrived, known to some as the “New-Bob” or the “Longer-Bob”. Characterized by being longer than the original, this time not at jaw-level, but about an inch above the shoulders. In some cases with a little fringe at the front longer than the rest of the hair and with various styles of bangs. Sporting a short hairstyle can be a little intimidating, but I think it’s more of a liberation from the usual, those things we see constantly. It has an edge, a sense of femininity and as in history was known only the most courageous and fashionable ones had the guts to pull it off.


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Movie: About Time

January 3, 2014

We have all reached a time when we feel lost and frustrated, where from some reason we wish we could give up, go back or be passed that moment already and actually be able to move on.

Work can be bugging you, your family might be a little naggy, sometimes it’s friends or your partner. Either way there’s no other option but to be patient, look at the bigger picture and have perspective.

I’ve been through my fair share of situations. This past year alone I’ve dealt with some though family issues and had to made big decisions about work and what path to take for my life and the future I want. I’ve had some trouble with close friends and people that I love because of some of my decisions and the outcome of them, but at the end of it I made those choices, I took responsibility and took what came of it, even if some times it wasn’t easy to bear.

I also met some extraordinary people that have given me so much, specifically the kind I love… good times, great company, tons of laughter (from which I cried…constantly, but just of happiness) and wonderful memories. I’ve trusted, doubted, messed up, said the wrong things, cried, forgiven, trusted again, laughed, danced, cried some more, sing, danced a little more, but most importantly loved and enjoyed every bit of it.

Even though things might not be how I want them to be or might never be, there’s no point of regretting anything, because it was always my choice to do something or not to do it. There’s a lesson to be learned in every bit of what happens along our paths in this world and it should all be enjoyed and cherished, because every tiny thing is part of our growth and what makes us, well us.

Now to the point, I thought this movie was going to be another love story and I wasn’t actually in the mood for that kind of rubbing in the face at the time, but it surprised me. It turned out to be quite of an eye opener, even though I’m a very optimistic person, sometimes I have my low times and this movie reminded me why I am the way I am and to continue to, no matter what life throws at me. It’s mostly the love story of Tim and how he kept going back in time to get everything just right, because from the first time he met this girl he knew she was the one, but it didn’t mattered what he did he had to decide if he wanted to maintain his love life exactly as it went or fix everything else around him, so he learned that no matter what happened he had a partner an a relationship that he loved and with that person by his side he would be able to get through every bump that came in their way. Eventually he learned to appreciate every big and little detail of his unadulterated life, actually live it and enjoy it to it’s fullest.

Even though I’ve always tried to pleasure every second of my life, there are certain situations I would like to have the power to go back and just make things right because they mean a lot to me, but I think in reality there’s a way to make up for it. Be a good person and let people know you do care, tell them how you feel, apologise if you have to (being proud or egotistic is not a good quality), be a genuine person with good intentions, give your attention to them, little details matter… notes, text messages and little surprises. Eventually with your actions you’ll have the opportunity to make things right by demonstrating to that person you really cared.


Be optimistic, be positive, be good and kind-hearted. Laugh, smile, sing very very loud, dance and enjoy everything and everyone around you, because none of it and no one lasts forever, you never know when this moment might be gone… cherish it!



2014 i’m ready…

January 1, 2014

We should not think that of “A new year, a new beginning,” rather, each year begins with experience and significant moments that fill us as human beings. Life is one we should not want to change who we are or what we have, what we should do is learn from those moments whether their good or bad for each day trying to be a better human being. We have to get up and thank the best gift we  have, the joy of living! Lets love each other, respect, appreciate and thank all the blessings and the beautiful things that come into our lives. To feel, to believe, to dream, to want to show the world that we have reason to live and as it has allowed us to be here so lets enjoy every second. Its not about starting again, we did that long time ago, its about trying to learn what we did wrong and be ready for whatever comes thinking about the best way to do it again.

I am grateful for this 2013 which was amazing, and my 2014 will be even better.



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Sephora Liner Bundle

December 31, 2013

As I was walking in Sephora a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this pink box that had a few liners, apparently the ones that sell the best at the store and me as an eyeliner lover of course bought it. It has six of them, some are smaller than the actual product, more like a sample of the original and some are the actual size.



There’s a liquid eyeliner from the Sephora brand, this one is black with glitter, in my case I like to use it on top of one that sets better because this one will fade quickly, but the glitter is a must have.


Next one is a black liquid one too, from Eyeko. This one REALLY stays and is very easy to put on, very manageable so you get it right.


Last one that is liquid is from Stilla and it’s my absolute favorite, I already owned it and didn’t knew that it was part of the box so when I found out I was ecstatic. This one has a really fine tip, it’s very easy to put on, almost no mistake and it last a lot, basically perfection!


There’s also the Stilla smudge stick, I use this more for a smokey look and sometimes apply the wing with a liquid one, one thing I really like about this one is that it’s waterproof and it doesn’t smudges too much that it looks messy.


There’s a Make Up For Ever waterproof crayon in black, I’m not such a fan because it’s very smudgy and it’s more like a dark grey, I like my liners deep black.


Lastly there’s this double “Glide-on line pencil” as it says and I’ve learned to love this. It has too sides, one is brown “Demolition” and the other one is black “Perversion”. They have a very good stay, I prefer to use them with an angled brush to create a smokey outline of the eye, more dramatic, this one is from Urban Decay.


It is a great buy, for $22-$25 that it cost me you get six great products and if you haven’t tried them before you get to do so and maybe find one you really love and then go get it.


Looks like these can be achieved with this kit. The look on the right is more of a smudge cateye, you can do this with one of the crayon ones and the one on the right can be easily done with one of the liquid ones.


These are basically my go to looks for everyday makeup and I kick it up a notch when going out. I hope this helps! 🙂



My skincare routine!

December 31, 2013

El “Clarisonic Mia 2” es una de las piezas más importantes en mi rutina de cuidado de la piel. Es mi secreto para un piel perfecta. Siempre he pensado que el maquillaje se verá bien siempre y cuando la piel esté bien cuidada. El cuidado de la piel debe ser lo más importante para cualquier persona no importa la edad, siempre es bueno y necesario cuidarla. Al usar el “Clarisonic” se que mi piel está en la mejor condición posible, y eso hace que la aplicación del maquillaje sea mucho mas fácil y que se vea mejor.


El “Clarisonic” me ha dado la mejor piel que he tenido. La textura ha mejorado, se ve mas radiante, no luce seca y hace que la aplicación del maquillaje sea súper suave. Recomiendo que para empezar utilices el cepillo para piel sensible, para asegurarte de que tu piel no reaccione muy fuerte esa primera vez.  Es normal que las primeras veces que lo utilices tengas algunos brotes de acné, ya que esto lo que estará haciendo es limpiar profundamente y eliminar todo el sucio que tengas en el rostro. Fuera de eso verdaderamente no tengo nada malo que decir a cerca de este producto.


El limpiador que utilizó en combinación con el “Clarisonic” , el es “Purity” de la línea “Philosophy” y me encanta, no lo cambio por ninguno. Desde el primer día en el que lo comencé a usar pude ver una diferencia bien notable en mi piel, además me gusta porque remueve todo el maquillaje súper rápido y fácil.


Para culminar mi rutina de cuidado de la piel, en la noche luego de haberme lavado el rostro usando el “Clarisonic” y el limpiador “Purity” utilizo la crema de noche “Full of promise” también de la línea “Philosophy”. ¡Es excelente! su textura es suave, para nada grasosa y entre las cosas que promete está darle firmeza al rostro, que se vea más reluciente, mejorar la textura y definir los contornos.

Siempre he pensando que menos es más y no me gusta aplicarme muchas cosas en el rostro. Mejor pocos productos con buenos resultados, que muchos productos con ninguno o malos resultados.


Clarisonic Mia 2 – $150.00

Purity 8oz. $22.00

Full of promise $65.00